Today’s topic is a very sensitive one- rape. I usually do not get deep into conversations about rape because I tend to get too heated. I just prefer to not engage whoever I am in conversation with.

I have realized that where I come from, there is an overwhelming number of rape apologists, a huge majority of which do not even realize they are. Because of this, most times, my unnegotiable stance and very ‘stubborn’ opinion on the topic is seen as extreme and impractical.

What is so ‘extreme’ about holding rapists one hundred percent accountable? What about blame sharing between the rapist and THE VICTIM? Is that not ‘impractical??? Why do you not see that? Oh because you say you are not blaming the victim, you are only saying, “If the victim wasn’t wearing that short skirt she wouldn’t have been raped,” or “the victim should not have been out at that time.” “Why was she in his room?” “They’ve had sex before.” “She didn’t resist.” “What was she doing drinking/smoking?” “It’s her fault she was raped.”

What do you think all of those are? Why do you want it to be the victim’s fault so bad? You do not even realize you are trying to make excuses for the rapist. It is disgusting and sad. If you believe that a person was raped because that person dressed a certain way then you are a rape apologist and possibly future rapist. Do not deny it. If you believe that a man might rape a woman because she is dressed a certain way, then any woman or girl dressed in that manner is not safe around you. Your excuse to this, “Not all men are the same. Some men do not have control over themselves.” The way you keep defending rapists is crazy. You keep contradicting yourself. You are not making any sense. You are insensitive, ignorant, a hypocrite and a rape apologist.

NOTHING can justify rape. NOTHING!

So you agree that that rape is not justifiable? Then why the reluctance and doubt? You say, “What if she’s lying? What if he didn’t rape her? You’d be destroying an innocent man’s life.” Well did you know that, according to a 2013 report by the World Health Organization (WHO), one in three women globally have experienced physical and/or sexual violence? It is not uncommon. These are conscious or subconscious efforts to side with a rapist. Your ‘what ifs’ equal uncertainty and even if that is the case, it never ceases to amaze me how people would rather side with a possible rapist than a possible liar. There is a rape victim whose life has actually been destroyed and is going through more than conceivable. She is going through a lot of pain and will take years to if she ever does recover. All that pain and trauma and the brunt of it is that she is called a liar. To you an accuser’s words are insufficient but you believe the accused the moment he claims his innocence. You are insensitive, ignorant, a hypocrite and a rape apologist.

By the way do not even say she gave consent. You cannot give consent if you are intoxicated. You cannot give consent if you are below the age of consent. You cannot imply a person’s silence is her consent. You cannot coerce or force a person into giving consent. You cannot consent was given because of the lack of resistance. You cannot give consent if you are unconscious or not of sound mind. Consent cannot be given in those cases.

I would sometimes tell you to put yourself in the victim’s shoes or imagine if that was your mother or sister. Then I just gave up on that. If your sympathy is only dispensable on the condition that you or those around you are affected then YOU ARE INSENSITIVE, IGNORANT, A HYPOCRITE  AND A RAPE APOLOGIST.


Sooo I completely failed the challenge… my excuse is school lol. Sorrrrrry😁. I will try to post something short on victim shaming and protecting rapists soon. I really hope you agree with this. I know that this talks about violence about females and I know that rape can happen regardless of gender. I am against rape and rape apologists in any case. If this offends you then you are part of the problem and stay off my blog!

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Published by Yama Jammeh

Female Black African Muslim A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH

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