• I am generally a chatty and vocal person but writing makes me a different type of expressive. I see myself as a jokester so for some reason I get anxious and very uncomfortable when it comes to more serious topics. Most of the things I write about I never actually physically talk about. A lot of the time, the topics I post on never even come up in conversation. Writing helps with this. I get to address serious issues I feel I would not be able to discuss. I can be ‘serious’ and passionate when I write. This is part of my goals for this blog- to be able to be serious when it is needed and to be vocal about the things that really matter and need paying attention to.
  • Another goal of this site is for me to at the end of the day be able to see into my mind. Blogging and writing in general makes me see and understand my thoughts and thought process as a whole. When I have to put my thoughts into words in black and white, I am forced to really see and make sense of my thoughts as I have to acknowledge them, make them make sense and arrange them. I can explore my mind with more clarity in print as my thoughts are not scattered and confusing but organized and rationalized.
  • Also this blog is a platform for me to just share anything and everything on my mind. I can write on anything and it would be a hundred percent my opinion. I can ‘talk’ about anything without any interruptions, no ands/buts, and no need to defending my thinking.
  • The last and biggest goal of my site is to hopefully contribute positively to the readers’ lives. I feel like there are not a lot of young people sharing their experiences and views. i hope my genuineness and authenticity in my posts resonate with my readers, young people in particular. I hope to give them a sense of relatability when they read my blog as I share the thoughts of a typical learning, growing young person. The least I expect with this site is to lift moods and to just provide an interesting read to the audience if nothing.

It’s day two and I’m still doing this so that’s promising right? See you tomorrow! Comment, share, subscribe. xx

Published by Yama Jammeh

Female Black African Muslim A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH

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